July 23-25

Sorry guys. I have been pretty busy and I got a little bit behind. Here are all the Mort emails from this weekend. – Sahar

Friday, July, 23, 2010

Subject: Human Abuse by Iranian Donkeys

Time: 2:54


Subject: Mort Goes Green Even in His Use of Ammunition–

Time: 2:58pm

Proof that red was not fired–Viva Verd Mort!


Subject: Cute Monarch Before Fat Invaded thE Court!

Time: 3:31pm


Subject: Fat Mares the 13 YO Shah & the Iranian Monarchy

Time: 3:34pm


Saturday, July, 24, 2010

Subject: IMG00452-20100724-0128.jpg

Time: 2:51am


Subject: “Aza-bacheh”

Time: 2:54am

I just finished this Rioja.  The label translates in Persian: “a child in mourning”–go figua’!  Weirdness does not let me be even at such late hours of my solitude at Mortopolis.  My beeyatch daughters have abandoned me…but I have another bottle!

Mina’s response: Is it a “child in mourning” or “mourning for a child”, like the child Ali Asghar?


Sunday, July, 25, 2010

Subject: Seyyed Al-Dekantar

Time: 12:18pm

Sahara, seyyeds wear green turbans.


Subject: De-Turbanized Cleric–kjalq-e ammammeh!

Time: 12:15am


Subject: Discarded headgeat, a kamarbareek is holding the seyyed’s!

Time: 1:10am


Subject: Hojatol-Eslam Dehkantar

Time: 12:14am

Not a seyyed, but still under the cloak.

Cyrus: What wine-growing region is he from?


Subject: Wine & Patriotism

Time: 1:42am

Samira, por favor translatimissiani para tu padre!


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